Fun is one of our core value, we believe in inducing fun through the day to day activities so that we make it an integral part of our learning process, work culture and a factor for promoting collaboration, engagement, teamwork, leadership, cooperation and understanding among members.

LKQI Fun@Work committee consist of

These committees are driven by LKQI members for LKQI members.


Drive LKQI values by encouraging and engaging LKQI members through sports and related activities which would enhance the competitive spirit, fun, and bonding which in turn will aid in creating a positive work environment.


Drive LKQI values by encouraging and engaging members through activities planned around exhibiting individual or team’s talent, work anniversaries, birthday, festival celebrations and so on. In turn, these activities boost the social interactions and sense of solidarity.


Driving LKQI values through activities planned around enhancing and empowering member’s knowledge which will aid them to take up challenging roles and responsibilities. Act as the catalyst to ignite the thinking abilities, continuous learning through knowledge sharing, cultivating hobbies, sharing experience, etc.

LKQI Family Day

A day to commemorate the incorporation of LKQI and to celebrate the year-on-year success of the organization and its members. It is a day when LKQI opens its door to welcome members and their families to stimulate a healthy relationship beyond the work environment.